Dear Parents, Students, Alumni, Administration Faculty, and Staff:

 Since you are all very close to St. Augustine’s High School of San Diego, you are very familiar with our St. A logo.


St. A has proudly use this logo since, at least, 1930 to offer its preeminent educational services and in connection with its athletic and other extracurricular programs. The logo has also appeared prominently on St. A clothing, uniforms, and other items since that time.

 The logo is a very valuable and proprietary trademark and service mark of the school, and one which we still proudly and prominently use in connection with our academic, athletic, alumni, and other programs and services. It has served as our brand for decades and identifies  St A’s as the source of all information, services, programs, and other items with which it is used. We have owned unregistered, common law trademark rights in the logo since, at least, 1930 and have applied for a federal trademark registration with the US Trademark Office.

 As the owner of this trademark, we are required under trademark law to ensure that the mark is not used by any third-party without our authorization. This is because trademark owners must ensure that all products and services that bear or are provided in connection with their trademarks meet the level of quality and consistency that the public has come to expect from the trademark owner. If St. A’s does not ensure that its mark is being properly used, then it risks losing all its trademark rights in the mark. As members of the St. A’s family, we know that you would not want that to happen.

 Not only does this logo function to identify services, programs, and other items that originate with our school, but it has also functioned as a source of revenue for us. Funds generated through the use of this logo for various purposes have contributed to ensuring our continued growth and success, and will continue to assist us in those efforts going forward.

 Accordingly, we must advise that all use of the logo other than in connection with authorized school functions and activities cannot be allowed. All requests for use of the logo must be made in writing, in advance, for consideration and approval. Please note that approval is not guaranteed since it is incumbent upon us, as the trademark owner, to closely monitor how our logo is used to ensure that such use is consistent with our principles and beliefs.

 Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter. Any questions concerning the logo or its use should be directed to Ed Hearn, St. Augustine High School President.